Guest, Lorraine Eldridge

Guest Name: 
Lorraine Eldridge
Lorraine Eldridge
Guest Occupation: 
Alternative Financial Exchange Systems Consultant (Gold-backed Currency)
Guest Biography: 

Lorraine is an experienced energy medicine practitioner. Lorraine presents cutting edge human energy field research and demonstrates the techniques of energy medicine and self healing. She uses the latest in energetic diagnostic imaging in the emotional and physical realms and human energy field response to everyday life. Lorraine is dedicated to improving vibrancy, health and wellness using the highest quality of unique transformational products.

Lorraine Eldridge travels, sharing a message of wellness through workshops and special events. She works with doctors, scientists and others in the wellness industry advancing energetic wellness product understanding and everyday well-being and consciousness.

Lorraine is also highly regarded as an expert on alternative financial exchange systems. She is an advocate of using gold-backed currency as means of financial exchange for goods and services.

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