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Intuitive Nutritionist. Lana Nelson, author of The Food Codes, teaches her clients to eat according to what their body is asking for.
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"With her groundbreaking new book The Food Codes, Lana Nelson gives us a way of living and relating to food that has been desperately needed for as long as people have been around. You don't have to wonder anymore about what to eat." Do you know if you have food issues? My guest is Lana Nelson who is a Certified Emotion and Body Code consultant, and author of the book: The Food Codes that teaches how to eat without guilt and shame and also teaches you what your body needs for food at different times, seasons, or when different stresses affect your life. Lana teaches thousands of people every year how to heal themselves with food and has developed one of the easiest techniques on the planet using emotional clearing and energy healing techniques as well as Quantum Biofeedback Technology.  Lana is also a Licensed Massage Therapist as well as a Reiki Master Teacher who counsels in nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic therapies. Her focus is on individuals, couples and families who struggle with food, health, and emotional problems.