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Guest Name
Dr Sue Palmer-Conn
Guest Occupation
Master Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified Divorce Coach
Guest Biography

Sue Palmer-Conn was a school teacher for many years. Whilst taking time our to be a stay-at-home mum Sue was diagnosed with MS. She worked out a way to combat the physical symptoms and enrolled in a Psychology degree to combat potential cognitive problems. Dr Sue loved studying and her symptoms were minimised.

Sue then completed a PhD in Psychology and was offered a junior lecturing position at a prestigious university. Unfortunately, Sue's husband’s ego was bruised, when she became more qualified than him and was no longer financially dependent on him. They divorced in 2001, two weeks before her 50th birthday.

Dr Sue knew then that she had to earn enough to allow her to keep the house and the lifestyle that she had enjoyed. Within 5 years she got a series of promotions to become a senior manager. In 2004 a wonderful man came back into her life after having no contact for 33 years. They have now been married for nearly 16 years.

During this time, Sue completed a variety of coaching training programmes and now Dr Sue is a Master Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified Divorce Coach. Dr Sue is now planning retirement from her position as a professor of psychology to concentrate on coaching. As the Divorce Doctor, she works mainly with women over 40 at all stages of their divorce journey. Like all good ‘doctors’, Sue believes prevention is better than cure. Dr Sue helps couples Consciously Re-Couple if they decide to make up or to Consciously De-Couple if they decide to break up.

Once a woman has gone through a divorce, Dr Sue works with them on an holistic health and wellness programme. Passion mapping can be incorporated at all stages of this divorce journey. I hope my own divorce journey will be an inspiration to other older women facing this very stressful event.