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Guest Name
Dr Kathy J Forti
Guest Occupation
author, inventor, film maker, entrepreneur, speaker
Guest Biography

Dr. Forti is a film producer, inventor, entrepreneur, and
the Indiana Jones of women archeologists.

For those who know Dr. Forti from
her book, ‘FRACTALS OF GOD
(audio book HERE),
or from her brilliant 2 hour video on
Ancient/Modern Quantum Healing,
this interview may well interest you.

Ascension 11

As inventor of the quantum Trinfinity8 healing modality,
Dr. Forti is now providing the advanced Ascension 11.
This new technique for recalibrating wholEness is like
‘knocking on heaven’s door and asking to enter’
an upward spiral - conscientious evolutionary ascent;
integrating fractal mathematics and sacred geometry
 with coherent sound frequencies for upgrade of DNA.