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Guest Name
Dr Carmen Boulter
Dr Carmen Boulter
Guest Occupation
Expert on Egyptology, Archaeology, Professor at Calgary U, Author, Global Research, Television Host
Guest Biography

Dr. Carmen Boulter hails from Calgary, Canada, where she taught at the University for many years.  She is best known for her groundbreaking internationally renowned DVD series, The Pyramid Code.  With 25+ trips and tours to Egypt, sacred sites and places unknown, she is a female counterpart to Indiana Jones.  Often called in to appear on television as an expert on the Pyramids and ancient sites, she will soon be hosting her own television show!

Carmen is changing the landscape of higher education by painstakingly creating a venue for anyone to learn about their favorite subjects, via Interactive-U.  It is a revolutionary concept, which she designed and participates in with passion.

In addition to the DVD Series, The Pyramid Code, she is the author of Angels and Archetypes, a deep look into archetypes, mythologies, goddesses throughout time, up to the present.

Each year she hosts an incredible tour of the Pyramids, with access to many places that are off limits to most.  It's a great opportunity to learn, experience and expand consciousness!  Check out her website, for more information on the many-faceted aspects of Carmen Boulter's ground breaking work!