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Dr Carl Yohan Calleman
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Researcher, Author, Historian, Thought Leader, Philosopher
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What is consciousness? It is what gives meaning, significance and value to life. If we were not conscious the human existence would not matter, because there would be no one there that it would matter to. In this sense, consciousness is the most important phenomenon in our universe. Yet, it is a mysterious phenomenon that according to both Max Planck and Erwin Schrödinger, pioneers of quantum theory a hundred years ago, is fundamental and cannot be accounted for by physical means. Hence, as obvious as the existence of consciousness may be to any sane human being, it could never be studied directly by means of physical instruments or our own senses and it seems we would forever to be at a loss to understand its origin. Yet, and this is a key point, we can study its evolution based on the cosmic time plan as this is outlined by the Mayan calendar system and this is the reason it is after all possible for us to vastly expand our understanding of consciousness and then ultimately also who we are. This is all discussed in my most recent book: The Living Universe: The New Theory of Origins, Explaining Consciousness, the Big Bang, Fine-tuning, “Dark Matter”, the Evolution of Life and Human History…

The Living Universe: The New Theory of Origins, Explaining Consciousness, the Big Bang, Fine-tuning, “Dark Matter”, the Evolution of Life and Human History
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Carl Johan Calleman was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1950. While as young

his main interests were in the humanities and history, the first phase of his scientific career was training and practice as a natural scientist in the years 1974-93. He got his Ph.D in Physical Biology under the mentorship of a member of the Nobel Committees and have later also written a number of widely cited articles especially in the fields of Environmental Science, Chemistry and Cancer Research. He was been invited to lecture among many other places at the MIT, Cornell, the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and the WHO.

During a backpacking trip to Mexico and Guatemala in 1979 he became aware of the enormous hidden potential of the Mayan calendar for helping us understand the meaning of the human existence. This insight led to the second phase of his research career, which has been dedicated to understanding the Mayan calendar. It has included writing books on topics ranging from consciousness shifts to a new theory about biological evolution. He has helped the modern-day Mayan elders bring their message to the world. His three books on the topic have been translated to a total of fourteen languages and he has held courses and lectures in some twenty different countries.

The shift in 2011 deepened his understanding of the connection between on the one hand Mayan science and on the other Quantum Theory develop first in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization and then The Nine Waves of Creation both published in 2016. Quantum Science of Psychedelics brings the insights provided in these earlier books to fruition and help us understand, maybe for the first time in scientific terms, how psychedelics actually work. The solution to how psychedelics work calls for a profound paradigm shift of our entire world view influencing all aspects of evolution including that of human civilizations. It also provides a deepened understanding of how healing takes place from a macrocosmic quantum perspective. In order for humanity to move through the current difficulties it has to align itself with the ninth wave and to do so many forms of healing, including that provided by psychedelics may be supportive. All of these methods, including psychedelics are variations of the theme of decompartmentalizing the human mind. He is convinced that rigorous science is needed to bring about a paradigm shift, which allows humanity to live up to its spiritual destiny.