Guest, Dr Brent Davis

Guest Name: 
Dr Brent Davis
Dr Brent Davis
Guest Occupation: 
doctor, researcher, inventor, writer
Guest Biography: 

If you know that certain flower essences have miraculous
spiritual healing properties and would LOVE to celebrate
 Valentine’s Day with a relationship miracle of your own,
you’ll want to tune in to this show for 3 good reasons.

1- Brent Davis has pioneered a unique method of
    extracting the essence of whole uncut flowers
 in the way that he’s proven will dramatically
   alleviate anxiety, grief and other love blocks.

 2- Brent has just published a definitive book on his
  work, and we’ll be reviewing his research and
       evidence of a breakthrough for emotional health.

3- For those who listen to the show, you can get
samples of his amazing products in time for
 Valentine’s Day, and at wholesale; 40% off.

Welcome Dr. Brent David to Cosmic LOVE
with your Presence!

~ Christopher Rudy