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Guest Name
Chris Cole
Guest Occupation
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Telehealth Expert, Healthcare Advocate
Guest Biography

Chris Cole Founder of eDocHome 

Chris Cole had the concept of eDocHome in 2011.  He developed that concept into reality in 2013 when eDocHome launched.  Since then he has led the company through tremendous growth and brand recognition. Chris has been a leader in the development and implementation of affordable telehealth packages including discount healthcare services. This has allowed eDocHome to gain market traction and consumer/employer acceptance throughout the United States.

Chris started his career in healthcare when he was a partner with a medical alert company focusing on keeping seniors at home, living independently. During this time, Chris built relationships with providers that included a managed telephone medical advice line staffed by registered nurse, which was the building block for eDocHome.

Chris is a very active speaker for the advantages of telehealth throughout the United States and works with other healthcare providers to implement eDocHome into their services.