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Nurse, Author, Founder of 'CaDori Helping Hands' Charity, Entrepreneur and Radio Host
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About CaDori: Born Cathy Marshall in Birmingham, AL, she was the eldest girl of 13 siblings, and was a natural born leader with a giving spirit from a young age. She coined the name "CaDori" as a combination of her name, her mother Doris and her late son Dougie.

CaDori loves helping others. She is a registered nurse by profession but spends a tremendous amount of time giving back. CaDori is the founder of CaDori Helping Hands, a non-profit charity to help people in need. She was once homeless, and had to live in a shelter temporarily when her children were young and knows first-hand the struggle of depending on good-hearted people and faith in God.

In July 2017, CaDori founded the Helping Hands organization to help those in need in an effort to give back. Last year alone, CaDori Helping Hands has provided turkeys and hams at Thanksgiving, donated baby supplies to young mothers, and delivered cleaning and personal care items to families who've lost everything during Hurricane Harvey. In addition, this past summer, CaDori donated backpacks full of school supplies to children in a local shelter and fed over 100 people displaced by Hurricane Harvey at a hotel in Livingston, TX, and gave nearly 100 new coats to those in Need this winter season.

In addition to CaDori Helping Hands, CaDori also founded Dougie's Kids, Inc. in January 2011. Dougie's Kids, Inc. is a charitable organization dedicated to helping and ensuring the well-being of children across America. It is named after her oldest son, Bobby Denerio Marshall Brown, affectionately known as "Dougie", who passed away in 2010 in a motorcycle accident. Dougie adored children and always assisted them by giving helpful advice, taking them to fun places and supporting them by attending games on Saturdays. To date, Dougie's Kids has given to shelters, schools and awarded scholarships and in doing so, has positively impacted the lives of many children.