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Brett Austin
Author Brett Austin
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Author, Nutrition Specialist & Personal Development Counselor
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“PERSEVERANCE is 100% self-control,” says South African author, Brett Austin, who authored the inspiring book, To All the People of The Planet.

Austin says writing this book was a way he could help change lives of those in need.

Brett Austin is a former plumber and disc jockey.  He is a father, author, nutrition specialist, and personal development coach.  "I try to share my miraculous weight-loss and transformation story at workshops, talks and festivals."

“I guess I’m a different kind of plumber now. I help my humankind to clear their inner pipes and live more miraculously healthy lives with God,” he said.

“I got a massive wake-up call as my health was deteriorating and I could see two potential paths my life would take - one I'd carry on as I was, grossly overweight and unhealthy, and not live beyond 40, or I'd transform my life and live into my eighties, writing numerous books, which would support millions of others to also live greater lives for good too.”

Austin said that as a child, he always knew by 40 he would be traveling the world however, he never knew how, he just knew he would be.

He said his role model is Bob Proctor because of his motivational speaking and exceptional knowledge.

Describing himself as “transformed”, Austin said his proudest achievement is losing 65kgs and transforming his life.

“My book, To All The People of The Planet, is a personal transformation story, and a guide packed with tips, tools and even menus to give people access to how I lost 45kgs in 18 weeks and a total of 65kgs, without dieting. I felt there are many people who would benefit from my story and I wanted to share how I started this way of life three years ago, and how I lost, and kept the weight off.”

His message to the youth of today and other aspiring writers is to persevere.