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The Fool I Am - Single
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The Fool I Am

the fool i am (not verified)

18 August 2017

Dick Aven - The Fool I Am.

Bridging the gaps between folk and progressive.

Dick Aven is not the kind of guy who likes to play by the rules. His music is all about defying convention and breaking the walls between various styles and ideas. Although his music is deeply connected to the earnest honesty of folk, Dick’s sound has a fascinating progressive streak that brings something truly unique to the table - think Fleet Foxes jamming with King Crimson!Dick’s recent studio release is an album titled “The Fool I Am”. The record is a collection of enigmatic, thought-provoking and carefully arranged tunes that blur the lines between the earthy intimacy of folk and the avant-garde feel of progressive music. The album’s aesthetics are colorful and unpredictable - at times intelligent and brainy, at times instinctual and playful.The songs on this release were largely performed by Dick himself, who is a skilled multi-instrumentalist and arranger. James Sanger of vibey Studios contributed with programming and mixing, while HippyBaldwin (Metropolis Studios, London), curated the album’s mastering.

Douglas Newsom

21 August 2017

In reply to by the fool i am (not verified)

I really enjoy listing! Thank you!