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B Aware Nation

B Aware Nation with Dr. Barry Letzer and Dr. Sally Letzer, banner
Dr. Barry Letzer and Dr. Sally Letzer

The Meaning of Future B Aware Nation Radio Shows

All Shows are Observations on the Nature of Reality as we "Know" it...

The Eternal Quest to Unify the underlying principles of our interpretations of Spirit and Science...

One of the greatest things about Being Aware of Evolution at its current rate is that as you realize the compression taking place across the various "Living Systems" adapted currently as the "Operating Systems" governing and running all the various aspects of what it means to be a participant in life today....

The significance of what it means to identify "Self" withing this increasingly complex process involves fully recognizing the resulting reduction in size, scope and scale of all functions, ala the "Mirroring" effect presently defined now within our understanding of the view of Science...of what Quantum Physics suggests is really the "True Nature" of our realities....

So, we feel the examination and observation of how we already do live a "Layered Life" should deliver us a very solid rendition of exactly which one of our "Selves" is in charge of our "Life Direction"...we need to sieze command over the current Resource Capacity to develop of a larger perspective now of what it means to be a fully representative "Whole Self"

The Ultimate basis for our work is to B Aware of the Ether Communications we've receive and Transmute them into Tangible Living Assets that can be used as viable building blocks for Evolutionizing ALL of the fundamental Operations of ALL Living Systems to be in a more Cohesive Balance with the current Evolutionary process...

To do so, we must find a way to fully convey those Ether Communications.

To Reflect accurately and fully our own personal process of discovery of these basic patterns that continue to form our experiences.

As per our own personal commitment to "Live on the Edge of Experience", we encounter other ways of seeing and doing things. In our case, we've found a reliable method of identifying these to ourselves so that we can describe them in terms that can be more readily communicated in a manner that is cognitive of what is available for today's increasingly complex minds...

So, we have felt it incumbent on us to employ a very discerning and descriptive manner of conjuring up a new way of expressing what those experiences brought into being so that we could "Share" them with others, thus enhancing them for and to ourselves...as well as making them available so as to be easily understood and readily applied and put into process.

We've done so by trying to quite literally Evolutionize our own understanding of the "Language Links" we've used within the realm of our own "Communication Carriers" to describe our prior experiences in this life...so that what we present of and for ourselves going forward now in our lives is fully Reflective of the Value we believe we have recieved and continue to recieve as a result of what we propose in our work through what we offer herein...

Very shortly we will be posting a "Glossary" to peruse for all the "Neoligisms" ...

One of our main goals in our body of work is to further the efforts to
Evolutionize the Economic Operating System of Capitalism.

We will use our own existing "Living Systems" to showcase how our own Awareness can now engage more fully and robustly within the Universe's own Evolving States of rich
"Human Commerce" within these expanding layers of life.

This is an area where there is increasing real world examples of how various systems have found ways to craft just a little bit of adjustment and refinement to particular operating models that more fairly and accurately reflect the proper levels of input by the contributing parties...

As such, we want to be sure right up front that we're always going to showcase our commitments to embracing and integrating change as a basic cellular response to our continued participation in the current New World Techno/Info Global Economy's "Commerce" framework.....best as we are currently able, just as we are ~!~!~!~

Which is what makes "SHARING" the basic Integer in our formulations.

And what our entire offering is essentially based on ~!~

We firmly believe that we are on the threshold of an exciting new Era.

It is our personal experience that makes us keenly AWARE that the "Human Family" now possesses the Collective Will to manifest the componetry necessary to bring this into being...

We are simply offering our Interepation for what we see happening within the "Human Family" today... another aspect of this much larger interplay currently going on within our Universe.

Finding the resonant wave to ride for simplicity to deliver the sublime,
we need and want to find fluid synchronicity, so best now to Design it in from the start...

Understanding the new "Science of Thought Creation" makes this all plausibly sensible in ways the Human Brain could not comprehend before; now, through Evolution Itself, we are simply more prepared, our own "Personal Operating Material" has Universally been transformed and we are ALL ready to Engage at levels and layers not known prior..

The Living System Schema...The Cosmic Trinity...

The sense of "Self" we have adapted over our time here on earth as individuals is reflective of the idea of a "Synthesis" in aggregate of all the Ether Communications we've received over time.....this alone could feasibly account for the "Outline" of our Beingshpere, the very nature  of our own beings are really compilations of our own many "Layered Selves" reflection and implementation/activation of those Ether Communications...

And that is what has brought us together to commit to this work together,
to find a visceral method of making real, the "Unification of Selves" in a new way,
by showcasing the unique strengths available within the
Context of Conscious and Constructive Coupling...

--- Ether Communications as  Intuition ---

How Humanity has Evolved through Intuition......The examination of Knowing we Know..

Being Aware is a State to Put Your Mind in.....

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