Dr Barry and Dr Sally Letzer

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Universal Ethos, The Living System Schema
Dr. Barry Letzer and Dr. Sally Letzer

Barry and Sally Letzer
The Founders and Creators of ETHER COMMUNICATIONS and B AWARE NATION.

We are a husband and wife team who have been married for over 25 years. It was LOVE from the first moment we laid eyes on each other. We were in a most precipitous place for meeting, the one time home of Rudolph Valentino, so romance was certainly in the air.

We didn't have an opportunity to meet and talk until months later when on that occasion, we instantly committed to being together from that moment forward and most importantly that LOVE would be our mutual career. We wanted to embody how a married couple could live and work together using LOVE as the Foundation and Destination of their experience. Our personal interests had always been in the areas of communication.

Now together, we could begin to explore and formulate systems to synthesize different medias into a curriculum that prepared and assisted people to grow and prosper in these shifting times of Human Consciousness.

We both come from very disciplined and focused efforts throughout our lives.

Growing up, Sally, achieved horsemanship through championship riding in her home state of Kentucky.
From there, she built herself into a singer and actress as a stage performer in London and New York.
She also worked extensively as a background singer for many top rock and pop acts.

As a boy, Barry was a sports prodigy, a baseball catcher, going on to the Little League World Series before ending up in the Los Angeles Angels Rookie League.

Barry ultimately decided that professional baseball did not provide the inspiration that he found in exploring cutting edge holistic health and the education that was needed to shift the way we lived our lives. Barry became one of a small group of pioneers in the health products industry, educating and innovating health and personal development products and programs.

Over these last 25 years, we have been involved in some very exciting communication work, involving Corporations, all levels of the Educational System and Non- Profits. Much of our work has focused on young people, as we are passionate about Evolutionizing the way we learn and interact and apply information and knowledge.

In the early 90's when the Internet began to really grow, we saw the opportunity to deliver our message on a Global scale.

At that time, we began to invest in "Ether Real Estate" and currently manage a portfolio of Domain Names that identify both our work and the gateways to the way the human mind works.

We believe these "Gateways" are critical assets to disseminate the information to increase AWARENESS during these expanding and critical times in our Evolution.

We are building a network of enterprises that helps to propagate our large body of work and works to aggregate the like-minded works of others.

We look forward to "SHARING" these with you here on B AWARE NATION RADIO.