Just The Tips with James P Friel and Dean Holland

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Talk Radio Show Program

Just The Tips

Just The Tips with James P Friel and Dean Holland
James P Friel and Dean Holland

Just The Tips is a business talk show for entrepreneurs and business owners who are tired of listening to the same old stodgy content. Interviewing (and sometimes roasting) top entrepreneurs from around the world, each episode is fun, witty and informative. It's a must listen for anyone wanting to transform their marketing, sales and business while having a laugh instead of falling asleep. We, not so humbly, believe it's the best business and marketing podcast in the world.


Weekly Show
10:00 am PT
10:55 am PT

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

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Just The Tips, February 9, 2021 Managing The Entrepreneurial rollercoaster!
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Just The Tips, December 8, 2020 The Iceberg Affect, a book written by Dean Holland, seeing only the tip of the Iceberg, start from scratch and grow
Just The Tips, December 2, 2020 Guest, Jeff Griffin, paraplegic with proven tools and techniques to help you overcome the demons of doubt, fear, and


Talk Show Program Host

Dean Holland
Dean Holland
UK Facebook - YouTube - Groups, Internet-Profits
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Family man

A serial entrepreneur Dean Holland began buying and selling sweets to other kids in school before trying, succeeding and often failing to start numerous ventures in his teenage years.

In 2004 Dean discover internet marketing and quickly become fascinated by the industry, with an eye for opportunity he learned all he could and began to sell digital based products online.

By 2011 Dean had successfully sold over half a million dollars of digital products online and has since shared his unique marketing and sales concepts with thousands of entrepreneurs in dozens of countries around the world.

Now a world renowned author, speaking, coach and consultant there’s nothing Dean loves more than helping others implement better systems and processes that generate more leads, customers and high paying clients into a business. 

James P Friel
James P Friel
Daytona Beach
FL - USA Facebook - LinkedIn - YouTube - Instagram
Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author and Talk Show Host

An entrepreneur, consultant, and author who helps entrepreneurs systemize, grow, and scale their businesses by getting them out of the day to day operations of running their companies so they can make more money and have more time and freedom.

Since leaving his corporate position as Global Head of Digital Strategy for HSBC Bank in 2011, James has simultaneously run multiple 7 figure companies and has consulted with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executive level staff at companies ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to smaller, more entrepreneurial ventures helping them systematically increase efficiency while also growing their sales.

James holds a Bachelor of Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and live in Boise, Idaho where, in addition to being a student of the game of business, he enjoys working out, drumming, and skiing.


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"A show with great chemistry, funny, smart and good for your wallet!" ~ a FAN!

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