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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 1 April 2022

True Voice with Dr. Fred

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Dr. Fred creates powerful and lasting transformations by leveraging 40+ years of psychiatric and clinical experience and compassionate listening. He's helped thousands of people regain their voice and courageously embrace their humanity.

Dr. Fred can help you to identify areas of your life ready for a transformation. You'll walk away with a taste of the unique & powerful breakthroughs that can become possible for YOU through establishing a coaching relationship with Dr. Fred.

Dr. Fred offers inspiring live speaking, industry consulting, and private advising to professionals, physicians, companies, and groups. He has been featured at various mental health industry events, meetings, and conferences including NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness.

His live talks are inspiring, energetic, compassionate, and embody his personal philosophies extending outside of traditional mental health conversations. 

Dr. Fred is just about the best podcast interviewer I’ve ever come across. We delved into some of the deepest, most central aspects of life. I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times, and I’ve never before been asked such insightful, penetrating, and provocative questions. Speaking with Dr. Fred on the Welcome To Humanity podcast was a GREAT experience! ”

— Mitzi Perdue, Speaker, Writer, Philanthropist (widow of Frank Perdue)

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Dr Fred Moss
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Licensed psychiatrist, Consultant, Educator, Key Note Speaker, Coach, Founder of Welcome to Humanity and True Voice Podcasting, Author

Dr. Fred Moss is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School and a licensed psychiatrist who has served the mental health industry for nearly four decades. During that time he has consulted patients, practitioners, medical facilities, non-profit organizations, and community groups.

While his initial interest in psychiatry was to expand on communication and human connections as primary healing tools, a shift in the medical paradigm in the 80’s led to physicians diagnosing patients with biological and chemical imbalances, and prescribing medications as a primary way of dealing with life’s distress. The medications, which on occasion seemed to briefly quell the stated concerns, appeared to be exacerbating—even causing—the symptoms they were prescribed to treat.

In 2006, Dr. Fred began taking a new approach with his patients, working with a chosen few to assist in reclaiming their lives from the clenched fists of psychiatric diagnoses and medication. Lo and behold, they reliably eventually improved, even to the point of their diagnoses actually disappearing.

As more patients reported success stories, a whole new set of questions about the actual definitions of mental illness and mental health and the conversations that are created around those definitions, began to emerge. It is around these basic inquiries and principles that Dr. Fred began to shape his methodology and his work with clients, which continues to evolve to this day.

Dr. Fred has since dedicated his efforts to establishing his brand, Welcome To Humanity, as a "home base" for his work as a speaker, coach, and advisor as a "non-diagnosing psychiatrist." He also is an expert witness, specializing in psychiatric malpractice cases, and often centering around atrocities that can occur behind closed (locked) doors in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and jails.

Dr. Fred is the host of the inspiring Welcome To Humanity podcast, a show that explores what it means to be human and how to live an extraordinary life.

He is the author of Creative 8: Healing Through Creativity & Self-Expression.