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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 12 May 2021

Today's Entrepreneurs with Jason Williams and Michael Calloway

Today’s Entrepreneurs ("TE Radio") is a 2 hour broadcast airing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday showcasing todays and upcoming entrepreneurs, co-hosted by Jason Williams and Michael Calloway. In today’s economy, the entre-preneurial spirit and like ventures are increasing rapidly. TE Radio gives business owners a platform to discuss the ins and outs of the services they offer. During each broadcast, there will be in-depth guest interviews discussing the problems and advantages business owners face. Topics will include sales and marketing, branding, interviewing, and much more.

In addition to daily guests, TE spins the hottest indie musical artists and laughs along to the funniest comedians every day. TE Radio is guaranteed to be entertaining and informative.

Talk Radio Show Program Information Displays

Michael Calloway

Jason Williams
Talk Show Hosts, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs

Jason Williams is the owner of Virgo Management, a real estate management company. Jason has 15 years of experience in management, marketing, entertainment and entrepreneurial ventures. He received his education and degree from Johnson and Wales University. His passion for marketing and business management allowed him to showcase his skills within a variety of business ventures. Jason's business savvy and love for music propelled him into the next phase of his stellar career as owner of Aggravated Entertainment and Recording Studios.

Michael Calloway

Michael Calloway is the founder and CEO of Mailcallonline LLC. He has a 10 year background in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial ventures. He is founder of M.O.E.E.R. Entertainment, Finishing Touch LLC, and most currently In today’s global community, Michael is passionate about keeping friends and family connected across the world, which was the impetus for developing is the premiere greeting card website which allows the customer to pre-order up to a year’s worth of greeting cards for any special occasion. Their wide variety of 16 card categories range from Christmas and Mother’s Day to Graduation and Spanish. No longer will you have to miss another holiday or rush to the post office. Mailcallonline takes away the stress and the hassle. As an added bonus, Mailcallonline offers free domestic and international shipping and handling. also offers PressConnect, a press release distribution service awarding the customer exposure to over 3000 media outlets across the nation. To help families affected by the prison industry combat re-entry Mailcallonline offers a service where people can send free letters to any state or federal inmate.