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Ronelle Wood
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Myofascial Release Therapist Demystifies the Gossamer Connective Tissue that Conducts Light in Our Bodies and is Essential to Health

How Touch Can Heal Our Physical and Emotional Trauma 

The fascia, that cloak of gossamer connective tissue that surrounds and supports everything in our bodies, functions like fiber optics. It conducts light to all points of our precious vessel-and when it doesn't-when light is stagnant or blocked-there is pain and trauma.

Ronelle Wood, a leading specialist in Myofascial Release Therapy, knows the power of fascia from both sides - as a patient and as a healer. In her new book Touching Light: How to Free Your Fiber-Optic Fascia, Wood chronicles her path to discovering the life-changing technique that has made her a highly-successful, sought-after practitioner in her Ojai, CA clinic. Touching Light contains a powerful foreward by patient and myofascial convert, Gay Hendricks, PhD, author of numerous international bestselling books including The Big Leap.

In Touching Light, Wood looks deeply into the light-conducting nature of fascia and what that means for people, how it impacts their emotional and physical wellbeing - and how diminished light conduction can spur problems that someone might not even be aware of. She discusses how the process of Myofascial release differs from massage and how it can be combined with movement instruction to correct dysfunctional body mechanics.

Wood points out that sitting all day is the enemy of healthy fascia, and that post-surgical scar tissue can lead to serious issues, which Myofascial Release Therapy can eliminate or prevent. But fascia is more than just a physical matter. The light "freezes" when someone experiences trauma or stores unexpressed emotion.

That's how Ronelle experienced the miracle of Myofascial Release Therapy. For many years she had balanced an intense life as a successful speech therapist, mother, wife, and homemaker. But in the late stages of her last pregnancy, she accepted a new job in Santa Maria, CA while her husband finished out a contract in North Carolina for three months, leaving her to deal with moving details, finding a new residence, a toddler and-suddenly the unexpected early delivery of a baby in a new city - alone! Years later, during her first session with a Myofascial Release Therapist, she suddenly experienced the emotional release of her anger and pent up rage at being left alone during that anguished time in her life.

Ronelle cites not only the clear cause-and-effect between her specific pain or injuries and their emotional unwinding under the touch of myofascial release, but also case histories of her patients.

Furthermore, she also looks at such topics as:

--How temper tantrums conducted in specific circumstances are healthy

--How to feed your fascia

--How you can't heal what you don't feel

--The difference between pain and sensation

--A fill-in-the-blank exercise that isolates thought patterns held in fascia

--And why Myofascial Release Therapy is attracting not only new fans and patients--but also many people seeking a healthcare career that goes well beyond massage

To book Ronelle Wood for a revealing interview on our light bearing "inner-net," please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details.

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Myofascial Release Therapist

Ronelle Wood is gifted in her chosen field of myofascial release and a woman of exceptional talent as a writer, teacher, mentor, and public speaker. She speaks to the heart of the desire of hundreds of clients, students, readers, and listeners to heal and rid themselves of pain as well as develop their own abilities to facilitate healing. She is a source of simple but life-changing touch, wisdom, and words of inspiration that come from her own experience of healing physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. She sees that miracles can be achieved every day, and is dedicated to sharing with the world the truths she has learned.

Once a speech pathologist with a Master’s Degree, Wood is now a respected authority on fascia and healing. Her own traumas and injury led her to seek authentic healing. When she realized that her high IQ couldn’t make the pain go away, she found out that her EQ (emotional intelligence) was even higher. She discovered through myofascial release and True Body™ alignment what she had never found in talk therapy, prescription drugs, or surgery.

Wood’s methods are a hybrid called True Body™, combining the science of body mechanics with myofascial release. You might say it is a “mat to table” experience. Since 2008, clients have been traveling from all over the world to her Sanctuary in Ojai, California, for this unique combination of treatment and instruction, because it provides the results they’re looking for. Clients get long-term relief from such ailments as plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff tears, joint pain, knee surgery, back pain/injury/surgery, hip and knee replacement, pelvic floor disorder, and fibromyalgia. They learn that decrepitude is not an inevitable aspect of aging.

On three mornings each week, Wood teaches True Body™ Alignment classes that will soon be viewable online. She leads specialty workshops focused on foot, joint, pelvic, and cardiac health. Her seminar “The Ronelle Wood Method of Myofascial Release” teaches therapists who want to adopt the techniques that are creating such positive long-term results for clients, many of whom have gone on to establish their own successful practices. By far the most popular workshop, “Self-Myofascial Release,” has attracted capacity participants since 2007. It now incorporates the Yoga Tune-Up™ balls made popular by Jill Miller in her book The Roll Model (2014).

Lasting health solutions are simple, yet not always easy. Ronelle’s clear way of communicating and her easy sense of humor leaves her students and clients with breakthrough information . . . new learning that works so well for them that they’ll use it and never forget it.

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