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Rebecca J Steiger
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CONTACT: Rebecca J. Steiger, 607.862.6435
WILLIAMSVILLE, MISSOURI, October 10, 2013 – Author, intuitive life coach and radio talk-show host Rebecca J. Steiger of Williamsville, Missouri, has released her third inspirational and self-help book “And the Angels Speak” through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing.
“And the Angels Speak” was written through Steiger’s spiritual connection to the Angelic Realm, to help others with positive inspiration. “This book will lead you to connect your mind, body and spirit in unison as one”, Steiger says. “Through the Angels, you can manifest and recreate your life, realizing the powerful being that you are”.
Steiger’s connection to the Angels came in 1993 from a near death experience during a tornado, when she was thrown from her home with her young grandson clinging to her chest. She explains that she stood before God and was sent back in order to help others on their life journey. After that horrific event, Steiger says she slowly came to learn of the gifts God had given her and what the higher purpose and divine mission of her life was meant to be on Earth. “I was afraid that, at any time, God might decide that I was not doing things right and take me home”, says Steiger. “What I had thought was the worst and scariest thing that ever happened to me actually was the best”.
In 2005, Steiger published her first book “And the Angels Spoke”, which is the first volume of the “Rebecca’s Pathways” series of books, which also includes “From Ashes to Angel Light” (2006). Her latest book, “And the Angels Speak”, is an updated and revised edition of “And the Angels Spoke” and is the first of three books that Steiger will publish during 2014 and 2015.
Steiger currently hosts a weekly talk-show on Blog Talk Radio, “Connecting with Your Angels and Pathways” and writes an online journal about new age, metaphysical and spiritual topics called “Rebecca’s Angel Blog”. She also helps others around the world through private Angelic Channeling consultations, connecting with the Angelic Realm and receiving the answers needed to coach her clients on their everyday path in this life.
Rebecca J. Steiger is available for interviews, lectures, seminars and other appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews and/or book-signings contact

Rebecca's journey began in 1993 when her life was transformed in an instant, through the most horrid experience ever. a tornado. Rebecca and her grandson were blown out of a house and into a field under an old satellite dish.  At that time, she saw herself standing before God and his judgment.  Her sister-in-law, who had previously passed away, was leaning over God's shoulder and said, "Not now, Lord; for she still has lots of things to do."

After that horrific event, Rebecca slowly came to learn of the gifts God had given her, and why she was returned to this Earth. She not only helps others through the Angelic Realm, but is also a Master Reiki through which she uses her God given gifts to heal others.-law, who had previously passed away, was leaning over God's shoulder and said, "Not now, Lord; for she still has lots of things to do."

Rebecca is a twice published author of "And The Angels Spoke" (2005) and "From Ashes to Angel Light" (2006). In 2013, Rebecca revised and updated her first book and has been republished by Balboa Press as "And the Angels Speak". Her second book will be republished in 2014 and a third book will follow shortly thereafter.

Rebecca hosts a weekly internet talk show on where she discusses a wide ranging view of topics relating to metaphysical and spiritual subjects. She is also an Inspirational Lecturer for public, private and corporate events where she shares her knowledge with others.

In her private time, Rebecca leads an active life with her two children, Amy and Andy, and five grandchildren, Clay, Kinzie, Montana, Abby and Cole. She also enjoys raising and showing Registered Quarter Horses and German Shepherd dogs. Being a free spirit, Rebecca enjoys long walks through the beautiful forests that surround her family farm and taking in the quiet, spiritual surroundings.

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