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Radhaa Nilia
Your Pitch

Hello! I have a book I am very excited about sharing called Quan Yin Goddess Code Activations. I'd love to talk about how the Goddess is important at this time, and anything related to Healing, Ascencion, Shamanism, ext. 

Look forward to hearing from you!

Warm Regards, Radhaa


Radhaais the founder and creatress of the Goddess Code Academy, a mystical school for the modern Goddess. Her vision for this work is to serve women through transformative education and empowerment. The Academy offers training and certification programs for all who are drawn to it. As an intuitive teacher, coach, and holistic healer, Radhaa is a fifth-generation Shaman who empowers women to heal their heart and soul wounds. You can order Radhaa's healing workbook: Quan Yin Goddess Code Activations on Amazon.