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Mark Eyre
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Do you think that powerful people have no ethics while ethical people have no power?  Are you disillusioned and disenfranchised with the way things are in society nowadays?  Do you exist rather than live most of the time?  Does it seem like politics and voting are all a charade, and nothing will ever really change?

These feelings are widespread.  However, things are the way they are largely because we’ve signed up to the agenda of a fear-ridden society.   How have we allowed this to happen?  More importantly, what can we do now to change it?  Join Mark Eyre on a journey to find the key to transforming the society we live in, and change yourself in the process.

Most of us instinctively know things are wrong.  When people doing socially responsible jobs can’t make a living.  When the old are thrown out of work prematurely, and their pensions are axed.  When the young are in debt up to their eyeballs before they even see their first job.  When banks can bankrupt the country and get away with it.  We can see this is wrong, but – after all – what can we do about it?

It’s time to find out just what you can do.

It’s time to play a different game.

We have a gap that never gets talked about.  We have in one corner, politicians and business leaders who completely lack self-awareness, and in many cases any values or ethics base to their actions.  In the other corner, we have many self-help gurus who claim to passionately believe in human potential, but who stay silent on a society that is set up to stunt the very potential we are all born with.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could put the two together, and transform the world we all live in?

It has become increasingly clear that we are expected to 'play the game.'  However, if enough of us choose to play a different game instead, the game will have to change, and society - and each of us - will begin a process of transformation.


I am a personal development consultant, running my own business called Brilliant Futures.  I am passionately committed to helping people to achieve their potential in work and life.  I previously worked for 25 years in a range of different organisations.  I specialise in helping people to make career changes, become more resilient, develop their own authentic leadership styles, and enhance their own influencing approaches.

Politically active during the 1980’s and 1990’s, I became disillusioned with how we are affected by the decisions of Government and big business, and withdrew from active involvement.  I am convinced that the time has come to put this right!  I was christened by others as the "Corporate Hippie."  I dress like a conventional businessman - but then I open my mouth, and everything changes!

As a coach, facilitator, trainer and presenter, I have worked with thousands of people in the last ten years.  The conversations I've had convince me of a massive hole right through the middle of society, from education and the media, through to how businesses run and how we are governed.  This hole punches right through our own sense of self-esteem and personal empowerment.  The result is an epidemic of modern dis-eases like stress, obesity, depression and abuse of self and others.  I have seen this in my work with people in career crisis, thinking about their future, and in building their own resilience.

Apart from 'Create your own revolution,' I am also finalising a second book called 'The Real Me' which focuses on building our own personal coherence and authenticity.  A third book, called 'Power Up Your Life', which looks at the nine steps to ethical self-empowerment, will be completed by the end of 2016.

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