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Kat Hobson
Your Pitch

I have hosted the Paranormal Experienced radio show for over two years & been with WCJB -DB for more than a year & a half. I was recently featured on Coast To Coast AM as an up and coming podcaster with a promo for my program & a short interview, I have interviewed many wonderful guests including parapsychologyist Loyd Auerbach, Andrea Perron, survivor of The Conjuring & author of the House of Darkness, House of Light trilogy as well co-authoring In a Flicker,Steve DiSchaivi of Traoel Channel's The Dead Files, Dr. Raymond Moody who authored Life After Life & created the term "near-death experience",  Richard Senate, paranormal investigator, archeologist & author, John DeSouza who authored The Para-Investigators  and The Extra-Dimensionals.

As a paranormal investigator I have been fortunate enough to investigate Sloss Furnaces, Old South Pittsburg Hospital, Sorrel Weed House, Pensacola Light House, Moon River Brewery, St. Augustine Lighthouse, the Pioneer Saloon & multiple locations in Key West as well as smaller, private locations. I have also worked on numerous residential cases with my investigative team, SCARE of Alabama founded by Kim Johnston and Shane Busby and featured on the 2016 seasons' opening episode of Paranormal Witness titled Voodoo Preacher. We were also the only paranormal team allowed to investigate a wonderful abandoned hospital in the Birmingham, Alabama area with amazing paranormal activity.


Kat Hobson is a seasoned paranormal researcher, investigator and host of Paranormal Experienced Radio. She and her guests share knowledge and experience and offer advice about the paranormal useful to both novice enthusiasts and seasoned veterans of the field alike. They discuss paranormal news, investigation advice, equipment tech tips, investigation experiences, paranormal trivia and much more.

Kat has many gifts including discernment of spirits & is able to know intent & to communicate with them. She has worked extensively with her teams and their clients to resolve many cases to date. While investigations in known haunted locations is good training & interesting, Kat feels that her gifts were given to aid individuals in distress in what should be their safe environments. Residential hauntings are where her heart lies. 

Kat joined Spirit Communications & REsearch (SCARE) of Alabama in 2013 as an experienced paranormal investigator and researcher. In addition to helping residential clients, she has also investigated many haunted locations including the Sorrel Weed House, Pensacola Lighthouse, St. Augustine Lighthouse, the Key West Lighthouse, Sloss Furnace, the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital & was on the only team to investigate abandoned hospitals in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area. Her experiences in the field have led her into more research & education seeking answers to be better able to help her clients.