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Franq Ezenekwe
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My name is Frances Fomai, I'm the publicist for an international author from England, but is now based in Los Angeles. His name is Franq Ezenekwe. His best selling book called "When A Man Looks At  A Woman" was featured on L.A. Talk Radio with Sam & Jen, and describes what men do with woman based on 3 Things: Her Looks, Personality & Lifestyle. There are also 40 marriage preparation questions, that will make anyone cringe.  We'd appreciate the opportunity to book Franq as a guest speaker on your show. Here is a link to his website for more info:


Franq  Ezenekwe  is  a  British-­American  Designer,  Actor,  Writer  &  Director  and  recipient  of   President's  Gold  Award  for  Design-­  as  part  of  the  Prince  of  Wales  Trust.  He  earned  a  BA   Honors  degree  in  Design  from  University  of  Wolverhampton,  England,  and  an  MBA  in   Management  &  Strategy.  
   He  wrote,  produced  and  directed  the  feature  films  Brownskin,  The  Gates  of  New  York,   Snowflake  &  Hustle  and  Looking  for  Marvin.  As  an  actor  he's  been  featured  on  CSI  New   York,  CBS's  Undercovers  No  Ordinary  Family,  Parenthood,  Hung,  Lord  of  The  Rings  Online,   Herokin  and  Cinema  Verite  starring  James  Gandolfini  from  Soprano's,  Diane  Lane  and  Tim   Robbins.  He  owns  the  U.S  Trademark  to  the  American  Film  Awards®  and  serves  as  the   producer.      He  splits  his  time  between  running  his  multimedia  agency-­,  producing,  managing   Fine&Famous-­  a  fashion/music  label,  and  is  set  to  release  his  first  non-­fiction  book,  "When  a   Man  Looks  at  a  Woman"  in  2015  with  a  book  soundtrack  and  documentary  of  the  same  title.      He's  currently  working  on  a  few  books,  "THE  7th  MAN",  his  first  original  fiction,  "Ladies,   Bitches  &  Wives"  and  "Dinners,  Dates  &  Diamond  Rings"-­  nonfiction  books  about   relationships.        In  his  spare  time,  he  plays  the  piano,  paints  and  watches  only  good  films.