Guest Name, Dr Tom Acklin

Dr Tom Acklin
Dr. Tom Acklin
Physician, Meta-Fitness-ician, Healer

Dr. Tom is a progressive physician, writer and speaker, committed to elevating people globally.

He is an evolutionary voice in addiction and recovery communities, working closely with alcoholics, addicts, and other traumatized people.

Trained as a neurologist, Dr. Tom left traditional medical practice and has not written a prescription in over a decade.  He is a certified practitioner with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Georgetown University Medical Center, a yoga and meditation teacher, and an entrepreneur.

He co-founded All is Well Yoga Centers for Mind and Body in Washington DC, and is the visionary behind “Conversations With Cancer”, a groundbreaking initiative optimizing body, mind, and spirit.

A specialist in the emerging field of Regenerative Nutrition and Metabolic Fitness, Dr. Tom sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of Univera Life Sciences.

His vision and promise to both client and colleague is that each person discover and nourish him/herself fully in community, becoming optimal versions of themselves, and fully THRIVING!

United States