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Art Costello
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BOOK ME! Mastering YOUR Expectations For SUCCESS!


Thank you for connecting with me and joining my network :) My name is Art Costello; Visionary Mindset Expert, Advisor, and Author of Expectation Therapy.

Teaching leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals on the power of applying “Expectations to Improve Performance!” I have the unique ability to clearly identify the connection between people's expectations and achievements, and why it's preventing themselves from reaching their full potential.

I am a dynamic from the heart speaker sharing my own life experiences and sage advice, of overcoming extreme personal obstacles to achieving great successes. My message and life-altering principles will transcend your audience to shed their limiting beliefs to achieve real-life success, happiness, and prosperity!

YOUR LISTENERS can achieve more confidence, more joy, and more money! Managing personal expectations transforms how you process, communicate and perceive your goals. Expectation Therapy is a revolutionary system that trains you to expect the best outcome in life’s stickiest situations. Then, manifests those beliefs to triumph and prosper.

Available for radio/media interviews and speaking engagements. Let’s connect and schedule a date for me to be a guest on your show! I am EST; Please let me know your preferred DAY & TIME to connect :)

Master YOUR Expectations,
Art Costello
Office: 512-996-9411
Cell: 512-801-6619

Visionary Mindset Expert, Advisor and Author

Art Costello is a visionary mindset expert, author, and coach who helps individuals, families, professional athletes, and business owners recognize the connection between their expectations and achievements. Art Costello has the unique ability to identify what is preventing you from living to your full potential and gives you options.

Art reveals the way that your beliefs impact your choices and as a result, create the life you are currently living. If you want to change the circumstances in your personal life or in your career, the key is to shift your expectations and to apply effort to the new awareness of what you desire to create. Whatever you expect to receive or experience in your life is exactly what will occur.

Art has created a powerful protocol in his book, Expectation Therapy, which clearly identifies the opportunity for you to shed your limiting beliefs and become more prepared, and more successful, allowing you to lead a more joyful life.
Art is a prolific blogger with thousands of followers. His writing draws from his own observations on life and current events. Art is a veteran, counselor, entrepreneur, athlete, and student of humanity who shares his wisdom in this revolutionary concept, Expectation Therapy.

He can help you shed your limiting beliefs and misguided expectations to become more prepared, more successful, and lead a more joyful life.

Art draws from his own immensely varied achievements and experiences as a mental health counselor, psychology student, successful entrepreneur, Vietnam veteran, and author to hone in on the unique mental obstacles of others and finds their most assured path to greatness.

Art lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Beverly, and their dog Hazel.  His family includes three adult children, their spouses, and five grandchildren. His background includes serving in Viet Nam as a Marine, playing college and semi-professional baseball as a catcher, working in and completing a degree in psychology, being a talent scout in the entertainment business, and owning a business for thirty-five years. As a counselor at Mercy  Mental Health in San Diego, he had worked with world-renowned “play” researcher, Dr. Stuart Brown and while in the entertainment industry working with some of the most identified performers of the times.

Art’s greatest joy has been raising his family and spending time with his diverse group of friends.

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