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Ana in Style
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The story: A miserable grey mouse turned into a desirable and admirable woman.

Ana was a miserable grey mouse suffering through unhealthy relationships that didn't resonate with her inner essence and professionally an expert in her field that was not taken seriously. She wished there was something better out there for her and she wouldn't settle for the given situation. After she went through the transformation, a new life opened up for her. Almost overnight she became a desirable woman men would melt over and women would admire and look up to. It was surreal and so powerful that she couldn't keep it just for herself. It was meant for a larger audience. Ana thrives on supporting people. Therefore she made sure she upgraded her knowledge as a translator specialized in fashion, advertising, and interior design. First, she became a Certified Visual Brand Consultant, but she wanted more. So she continued with her certifications. This world of personal style and image consultancy fascinated her more and more. She was even told by her certification mentors that she was exceptionally talented. Adding her special needs baby to the equation and the decision to make her side hustle into a primary thing was a logical next step.

The vision: Ana, named The Style Guru by one of her fans, stands for intentional dressing and natural beauty with a touch of exquisite originality. The core of her work represents upgrading people's personal and professional success journey through their signature style. Ana's work accelerates, boosts, and amplifies her clients striving to reach their personal and professional goals.

The unique perspective: Besides changing people's destinies and providing deep personal mind shifts through their appearance in a fun and gentle way, Ana works with her Feng Shui Apparel System™️ that helps mavericks and thought leaders stay aligned with their essence while pitching, presenting, and defending their innovative perspective in the toughest environments, such as in front of a rigid audience. This same powerful method works for delicate and fragile empaths as well. Ana uses this method with them when they wish to create a feeling of safety in their own skin as well.

Breaking the myths: Many have been told transformation and rebirth were hard, moving boundaries was hard. Ana strives to break that myth of hardship. With her by one's side, the hardest things become easy, manageable, and even fun.


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Personal story

  • Ana's story: how she went from a miserable grey mouse to a desirable & admirable woman


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Ana in Style is the founder of Choose Your Signature Style™. As a talented but introvert linguist, she had discovered the power of nonverbal communication that transformed her life. Fast forward to today, she is a Certified Virtual Personal Stylist and Visual Brand Consultant working with high achieving women, empaths, and mavericks who are ready to level up their success through their signature style. Outside the public eye, she is a patient and loving special needs mom.