Guest Name, AEON

AEON, AEON Network, numerologist, life coach
CEO of AEON Network & Services

AEON is a Visionary, Humanitarian, Master numerologist, Screenwriter, Spiritual consultant, Empowerment life coach and Metaphysician. Founder of the AEON Network that umbrella’s her services, AEON Network is dedicated to the Evolution of Human consciousness, a consciousness that will allow us to see beyond race, sex, religion, politic's and war.

The AEON Network is a site that empowers, inspires and provides self help information on spirituality, metaphysic's, health, ecological living, etc to help humanity aspire and achieve a higher conscious vibratory rate.

AEON Network has introduced AEON Tours to her services. In keeping with the elevation of human consciousness AEON Tours will take you to meet your brothers and sisters all over the planet. The tours are essentially spiritual journeys that will raise your vibrational frequency, empower and inspire you; and that each sacred place and power spot will enable you to embrace the Evolution of Being. 

AEON is the ‘original numerologist’ that has intuited the difference that defines a karmic, soulmate and twin flame relationship with numerology. She is able to tell you the ‘type’ of relationship that you are in and where it is going.  She is one of the leading numerologist that does Skyped consultations. Her excellence lies in her authenticity, service and compassion. She is has also designed ‘Numberwear’ clothing line for additional empowerment of your number vibration!

AEON has been on many internet and live radio shows, hosting teleconferences on World Events, Prophecy, the Book of Revelation, 2012, Relationships, Career & Business using numerology in a unique way that has helped people understand the science of numbers in symbology as a ‘coded language’ to reveal the secrets behind various subject matters. Her presentation engages the visionary breadth of how she is able to show the ‘genius’ that is numerology.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, Carmen Stevenson, uses  AEON as an alias in her spiritual vocation. Under Carmen Stevenson she is a  background actress, screenwriter and author of “The Oracle: the Voice of Visionary Poetry”. Her paranormal experiences and abilities, cosmic and extraterrestrial ideologies are woven with the archetype of the Divine Feminine, tarot, biblical eschatology and the history of world cultures.

United States