Things Women Want with Patty Kelley and Laura Denton, producer Steve Britton

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Talk Radio Show Program

Things Women Want

Things Women Want with Patty Kelley and Laura Denton
Patty Kelley and Laura Denton

Welcome to Things Women Want. Come hang out with us, Laura and Patty, for 2 hours as we talk about things women want.  Like comedy, career options, dating and sexuality, money management, power poses, creating a new self image for older and younger women and all the weird shit in between.  Basically we just want to have fun with cool guests and topics and, of course, you, our listeners calling in to be part of our show. 

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

Things Women Want, April 29, 2019 Guest, Jennifer Lyn Murray (Jen Murray) - comedian
Things Women Want, April 22, 2019 Guest, Shawn Random, cofounder of RandomBush Talk Show
Things Women Want, April 15, 2019 Guest, Venus Lau
Things Women Want, April 8, 2019 Guest, Kimberly Spencer, Certified High Performance Coach and Success Strategist for Entrepreneurs

Talk Show Program Host

Laura Denton
Laura Denton
Los Angeles
CA - USA Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Laura Denton Website, Instagram, IMDb
Actress, Writer, Model, Burrito Enthusiast

Laura is SAG-AFTRA actor, writer, model, science geek, & animal lover.  

Born in Texas, & raised in Oklahoma, Laura considers her state loyalty in the "gray" area. (She has an affinity for big hair and Dr. Pepper, and yet, has equal passion for tunes from the classic Roger & Hammerstein musical "Oklahoma!")

​Laura lives in Los Angeles, and lives ten minutes from the beach and never goes there. She studied acting at Playhouse West & UCB and is a co-creator of the award winning sketch group She also performs sketch comedy around town, and sometimes makes appearances on podcasts and at birthday parties.

​In her downtime, Laura enjoys painting and drawing, writing, and a good ol' fashioned nap.  And if you give her a burrito, she'll be your friend forever. 

Patty Kelley
Patty Kelley
Los Angeles
CA - USA Twitter - Patty Kelley, Instagram, IMDB
Performer, Actress, Producer and Co-host

Patty Kelley was born in Indiana but lived in 5 states before she was in kindergarten. Raised mostly in Florida and Texas she has lived in Arkansas, Florida, Russia, Connecticut and Los Angeles as an adult. A born actress and speaker she grew up performing Elvis songs and movie scenes for her family in their living room. In her quest to find her life she has worked in over 30 types of work in over 50 different jobs and traveled to 7 countries. But she knows that none of those were what she should have been. She should have been: a detective, a cop, a lawyer, the President, a villain (or maybe a doctor) and now just wants to be one on film! Her calling is to play the professional she never quite became. 

Very versatile she has done stand up comedy, voiceover, theatre, movies, tv and spoken to groups of up to 300 people as a trainer and motivational speaker.

Now as a host of "Things Women Want" she wants to encourage people to combine their practical side with their creative side.  She believes that the practical side of romance, finances, dreams and goals enhances the creative side by making it more believable within yourself.  She is excited to share the knowledge she has gained through living, loving, dreaming and working towards her goals and dreams.  Yep, nothing is impossible - basically.

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