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Things Women Want, April 22, 2019

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Things Women Want
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Guest, Shawn Random, cofounder of RandomBush Talk Show

Things Women Want with Patty Kelley and Laura Denton

Guest, Shawn Random, 

RandomBush talk show: Comedians Shawn Random & Andrew Bush discuss random proclivities, through sketch comedy, silly songs, and offbeat conversations

Things Women Want

Welcome to Things Women Want. Come hang out with us, Laura and Patty, for 2 hours as we talk about things women want.  Like comedy, career options, dating and sexuality, money management, power poses, creating a new self image for older and younger women and all the weird shit in between.  Basically we just want to have fun with cool guests and topics and, of course, you, our listeners calling in to be part of our show. 

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