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Reader of Hearts Radio is a dynamic broadcast of conscious conversations shifting listeners to higher realities.  Provocative interviews with some of today’s leading spiritual advisors, master teachers and visionaries, transport the wisdom of the ages into ear candy for the soul. 


A sacred catalyst of change is happening on this planet. Our souls are beginning to awaken on a deeper spiritual level and our universe is opening it’s supernatural truths to us more than ever before. Best-selling author and spiritual teacher Darrin W. Owens, along with his co-host Scott Krajca, bring together an incredible array of programs discussing the ever shifting perspectives to our global consciousness and cosmic destiny. Covering a dynamic range of topics, Reader of Hearts Radio, offers you the best of advice and teachings on higher consciousness, planetary changes, energy medicine, psychic studies, supernatural exploration and spiritual mastery. Join us for exciting and in-depth conversations in consciousness and let your mind open to new spiritual frontiers.