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Have you ever considered how important color is to our lives? Have you wondered how color affects our lives?  Color splashed your life everyday. It seems to me that life will be so much simpler if everything were black or white. But unfortunately it will never be that way. Life’s filled with grays.

As we journey through life, things we believed to be simpler become much more complicated than we first imagined when the complexities and nuances of life begin to mount, so do the questions.

So I thought that I would prefer a solution to the problem by making a list of those areas. Allow me to share that list with you Divorce, Parrying, Remarriage, Fornication, Adultery, Celebrating Halloween, Santa Claus version of the Bible, Women Preaching, Tattoos, Piercing, Long Hair on a Man, Short Hair on a Woman, Wearing Jewelry, Smoking, Cussing, Gambling Type of Music, R rated movie, Tobacco use, Little white lie, Drinking...

I am Dr Teresa Ukattah Meremoth; join me as we journey through the gray areas of life!!!

“Color splashes our life”