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Here We Stand with Rev Kevin D Annett

Rerun from Radio Free Kanata June 02, 2017

TOPIC:  Independence Day! Reclaiming our Nation on the Ground
​Stuff Canada Day: Time to Stand Down the Crown and Raise up the Republic!

Here We Stand with Rev Kevin D Annett and guests Karen, Theresa Harrison and Katie Stoqua

Rerun from Radio Free Kanata March 15, 2018

TOPIC:  On today's show we look back at one of our first programs on Radio Free Kanata to remember our vision of the common law Republic​ and how we are building it in Canada and globally. Featuring Kevin Annett and Republic of Kanata organizers Katie Stoqua, Theresa Harrison and Karen

Breaking from the System

A re-broadcast of October 04, 2015 podcast Titled: The Global Agenda and Pope Bergoglio

Evil has an Address: Cult Ritual Crimes and How to Stop Them

The War at Home: Stopping the Theft of our Children, and Establishing the Republic

Rebroadcast from July 05, 2015

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