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This week, Joan and Janet talk about extra sensory perceptions and consciousness. Are you having inexplicable experience of expansion? Heightened emotions? Feeling other people's feelings or knowing stuff you couldn't possibly know? We'll discuss what is happening on the planet and why people's extra sensory perceptions are going through the roof at this time! Tune next for answers to these and even deeper questions!

It's not about life *after* death, it's that there is no death. We don't die. Our Consciousness continues living.

So what's the icon used to represent the whole religion? A cross.  A death symbol.  Jesus hanging on the cross is a graven image.

J.C. is shaking his head.

Oh, and the message was 'Love Thy Neighbor AS Thyself'.  That is, love yourself, love your neighbor. The message was LOVE.

WTF is going on in the world?

The Dalai Lama didn't understand the question. Why would they be competing with each other? Wouldn't the best way to proceed be to each person declare why they would be qualified for the job?

Imagine, an election where people simply stated their abilities without mudslinging each other!

The energy of competition often keeps you from achieving or creating what you desire. If you are running a race and look to the left or the right of you, it slows you down and you see others zoom by you.

This Sun, March 20 on ‘Conscious Conversations’ - Joan and Janet talk about ‘Space and Consciousness’. We all know about physical boundaries and measurements but what is space from the perspective of Consciousness? How do we energetically experience Space and how do we navigate it as Consciousness? Tune in this week for answers to these and even deeper questions!

Hello All,

Big shifts happen when we take the time to access our connection to Consciousness. There are many ways to do it and here it only takes a few moments to bring ourselves into alignment with the All. No matter our sense of the size of the shift in the moment, it is all about being in Grace and holding awareness when we are.

What does the Buddha's smile indicate?

We all need to know that we are OKAY. Many of us don’t feel that and maybe never have.

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace

Tonight on ‘Conscious Conversations’, Joan and Janet are talking about their respective journeys in Consciousness. They’ll be sharing who they are and why they do what they do. Their stories can help you understand what is happening in your life today. Join them in delving deeper into this expansive realm. In shifting your awareness to operating as Consciousness, your life can be totally transformed.