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Article by Janet Barrett March 29, 2016

QR Code (Quick Response Code)

What is this a representation of? It could be anything. Is it random generated or a specific representation of what?

If you are not familiar with this it is a QR code. They are showing up everywhere. It is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (two dimensional barcode.) It contains info about the item it is attached to. It is a machine-readable optical label. I presume those machines have computers components that read this and translate. Because can you read what this is about? I can't. I can assign meaning and assume and allow this to represent some things if I want.

Consider observing yourself reduced down to the photons or pixels in patterns forming squares and rectangles? And what if the pixels could come undone and reform into new relations of vectors and alignments? Add another dimension or two or three and all of a sudden you have volume and form.  Do you see your body and your thoughts and your illusions and the And, And, and And that make up you? You would experience something different.

What if we are changing all the time and hold no awareness of it? What if this was just a symbol of a moment and it continued to be part of another moment differently? Those photons/pixels may be moving at a rate not discernible to the human eye or sensory system. Happens all the time and in our arrogance or blindness or lack of awareness we miss it.

Our thoughts follow in underlying habitual patterns. What if Potential was activated and we missed it? We can change in a moment when we use our Consciousness Technologies and we can feel it and then talk ourselves out of it or allow for it to change again in a non supportive environment. Reality can shift in the blink of our eye.

What if you were a bunch of QR Codes hanging together? Maybe you have one that encompasses them all, allowing them to interact with each other and others outside of the code. Maybe some come into play at different times, maybe some that prevent things or actions to happen. The QR contains information about the item it is attached to. What if it was not static and was in a flow and flux state?

How good is your reader machine? How updated are you? What if in the moment it took to read this, it is different in ways you haven't yet noticed? What if you are different in ways you have not yet noticed?

Love, janet

Journeys Into Enlightenment