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Hello All,

Big shifts happen when we take the time to access our connection to Consciousness. There are many ways to do it and here it only takes a few moments to bring ourselves into alignment with the All. No matter our sense of the size of the shift in the moment, it is all about being in Grace and holding awareness when we are.

What does the Buddha's smile indicate?

We all need to know that we are OKAY. Many of us don’t feel that and maybe never have.

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace

Tonight on ‘Conscious Conversations’, Joan and Janet are talking about their respective journeys in Consciousness. They’ll be sharing who they are and why they do what they do. Their stories can help you understand what is happening in your life today. Join them in delving deeper into this expansive realm. In shifting your awareness to operating as Consciousness, your life can be totally transformed.

Everything we notice about ourselves and world is about perspective. It is our point of view or attitude. It is about focal points, close-up and wide angle and everything in between. Change your perspective and you can change how you experience yourself in your world. It can be eye opening in so many ways! New perspectives only happen when you change your point of view.

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk with guest Colleen Mauro, author of Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul. Colleen introduces us to a more advanced form of intuitive perception that allow us to access the wisdom and guidance of our own souls—and beyond to the Universal or Divine Mind. Enjoy our three way conversation about being Conscious!

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Agape Love and Consciousness. Agape love is goodwill, benevolence, and compassion. It is the encompassing Love of Consciousness and your highest expression of love. When you are in alignment with yourself as Consciousness you feel enveloped by this Love and feel it radiating from you towards others as well. Join us in Heart Space as we explore this quality of love!

No matter your trainings or beliefs, spending time with your authentic voice, your inner voice, is more important than the way you get to it. We are using Consciousness Technologies as the medium to being in the field of the Heart or Unified Consciousness. The sea of potential that is Consciousness is what we bask in and allow to permeate our beings.