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Article by Janet Barrett March 15, 2016

Janet Barrett
Consciousness Expanding/Being OKAY in Uncertainty

The state of Uncertainty is to be embraced and appreciated. We are OKAY when we donât have a definition, a label about some thing. It is what occurs when choice comes from within and has not yet unfolded into knowing. We are OKAY always. The world is Okay. Always.

Hello All,

Big shifts happen when we take the time to access our connection to Consciousness. There are many ways to do it and here it only takes a few moments to bring ourselves into alignment with the All. No matter our sense of the size of the shift in the moment, it is all about being in Grace and holding awareness when we are.

What does the Buddha's smile indicate?

We all need to know that we are OKAY. Many of us don’t feel that and maybe never have.

It is hard to know you are Okay when you are in States of Uncertainty. Which were present in group. We can allow this to unsettle us and not feel friendly if we are purpose oriented or being driven to declare ourselves. I am____________. Fill in the blank.











Yet, when might Uncertainty be a good thing? It means that variables are present. Most of us don’t like it. Often it encompasses our sense of time. Like when we take a long time to choose. What if the uncertainty lasts a minute, an hour, a lifetime? Often that is judgment coming from others. Someone else’s sense of time, not ours.

You have not yet made a choice. Balance and Harmony are shifting perhaps in your old stuff. If we embrace this state can something be gained? Exploring what it means to each of us can create time for us to explore without commitment. Take the time to break down the elements and along the way you are no longer uncertain. Rather like trying out different beds in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the fairy tale. Too hard, too soft. Ahh. Just right. Sometimes we don’t want to make a choice as we fear making the wrong one and being stuck with it.

In quantum mechanics you learn about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. It states that at the quantum level you can never simultaneously know the exact position and the exact speed of an object. Why not? Because everything in the universe behaves like both a particle and a wave at the same time. I would offer that maybe we are acting out of both states switching from one to the other without awareness. When we are definite about something we are particle inclined. When we in flux we are as wave. Very different states of awareness. Both have place in being and are fundamental. There is no need to judge ourselves about it.

Consciousness is the big picture.Tapping into it helps us navigate the little stuff, your day to day. Each of us is part of the Whole or All. Each of us is affecting the Field of the Collective. You, in your seemingly little matrix of photons sends out ripples across the Sea of Potential. You provide a means for others to experience your sense of self and in that, their own sense of being. And together, depending on your positioning in duality, polarity or scalar references a new outcome is possible for both of you.

Create some time to access the Collective. It is as simple as shifting your awareness from the day to day to the core of All found within the doorway of your heart. Invite yourself to notice something in your awareness that has Uncertainty around it. Allow for information to demonstrate and delight you. Often we know what is important and we are reluctant to follow. So allow for delight to encode itself around what is important and you might be inclined to listen with more openness. It may not feel easy but that is after all the way you have set it up.You might want to notice that too and play with your setup.

Know, from the center of your sense of Being, that you are OKAY. That the world is OKAY.

Don’t believe it. Know it. Can you feel the difference?  The believing is filled with uncertainty. Knowing is on point. Either is fine, just be aware. Just be OKAY.  Enjoy the Buddha's smile.

Love,  janet

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