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Article by Joan Newcomb March 27, 2016

We're Missing The Point: It's About Life And Love.

Here's the thing. It's not about chocolate, bunnies or eggs. And it's not about crucifixes and suffering. Most folks have totally missed the point: the resurrection was to show we don't die.

It's not about life *after* death, it's that there is no death. We don't die. Our Consciousness continues living.

So what's the icon used to represent the whole religion? A cross.  A death symbol.  Jesus hanging on the cross is a graven image.

J.C. is shaking his head.

Oh, and the message was 'Love Thy Neighbor AS Thyself'.  That is, love yourself, love your neighbor. The message was LOVE.

WTF is going on in the world?

Here we get this really powerful messenger, that redirected not only Judaism but also Roman and Greek belief systems at the time, and has now taken over much of the world, and the main message - Life and Love, has been distorted.

We fear death because we fear hell, a huge false impression of what really happens when you pass over. When we die, we experience Love greater than we've even known in physical bodies on Earth.

That's what Consciousness is, Love. That's what JC was trying to tell people.

I don't like to use the word God or Spirit any more. God is too limiting a concept. And Spirit brings with it all sorts of different references that don't accurately describe the full meaning of Consciousness. Awareness tends to mean what we notice from within our bodies.

Consciousness is the pervading everything that is creating all of this down to the smallest detail. And we ARE Consciousness.

JC wasn't the only one to bring this information, either. Buddha started it, 400-600 years before, and the prophet Mohammed continued it nearly 600 years after. They represent a spectrum of evolution, when Consciousness was able to embody more into form, and created a massive change in Awareness.

At their core, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam are the same energy of awakening. They carry the same message of love and compassion. What we're seeing in the world today, hating immigrants and religious groups, is the opposite of what the Buddha, the Christ, and the Prophet taught.

With the crusades and missionaries and conversions, with the different editions and mis-translations, that message has been misunderstood, and distorted. Take the term Sin - the original word was an archery term meaning missed the mark.

We've totally missed the point. And that is the only original sin.