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Alexandra Meadors and Laura Legere discuss Laura’s involvement with the National Liberty Alliance and the Common Law Grand Juries, which essentially are the Fourth Level of Government that sits at the top of the Grand Juries. They also put out a call for volunteers who want to assist by contacting them via

Alexandra Meadors and Simon Parkes have a very candid and serious conversation in regards to the community’s recent reaction to the fact that Simon Parkes has come out publicly and admitted that he has identified his Reptilian father, Anu, and commanded that he leave his life forever! They do a though review of some of the concerns that have been presented to Simon.

Simon explains that he was extremely pressured in his political career only after he voiced his opinion that President Putin was not the negative person that the U.S. and the U.K. were painting him to be.

Alexandra Meadors and Adam Apollo unite in this exquisite interview!

Alexandra first delves into Adam's background, and what it was that guided him to where he is at this now moment. They then begin to delve into the Knights Templar, and how the experiences of The Guardians then are informing these times. Hear more about:

The six Star Species most responsible for seeding the humanity now on the planet

The Knights Templar

Galactic History


The Avalonian Times

Alexandra Meadors finds herself on the other side of the microphone in this interview! Alexandra has a stellar record of amazing interviews under her belt; however, she is usually always asking questions about her interviewee. Bibi Tinsley has been just as curious as so many others about Alexandra's background, and the profound wisdom and knowledge she holds. In this conversation, Alexandra is interviewed by Bibi, and the two get down to the fundamentals of Alexandra the person, and the history of the Mission she is on. What is a Guardian?

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