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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 10 May 2021

Sundays with PapaJeff with Dr Jeff Belyea

Sundays with PapaJeff with Dr. Jeff Belyea
Show Host:
Dr. Jeff Belyea

Jeff Belyea PhD, developer of Mindgoal Goal Achievement Strategies, is the author of "Taming The Lions of Fear and Doubt", "Out of The Blue, A Story of Awakening", and "You're Not Hooked. You've Been Hoodwinked. You Can Quit Smoking". He is a member of Speakers International, and the Glasure Group Speakers Bureau (, an artist and writer with a PhD in Communications, a Certified Personal and Business Coach, a Meditation Teacher, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Talk Show Host, and a national corporate consultant and seminar leader on motivation, visualization and goal achievement.

  • Corporate Communications
  • Sales Training
  • Stress Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Customer Relations
  • Team Building Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Sports Performance Improvement
  • Quit Smoking Seminars - an employee benefit program

In addition to his radio show, speaking engagements, writing, quit-smoking and other goal-achievement seminars, he offers meditation teachings in a format called, "Mystic Heart Meditation", at The Mystic Heart School of Meditation in St. Pete, Florida.

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Dr. Jeff Belyea
Radio Talk Show Host, Artist, Writer, Life/Career Coach, Publisher, Youth Director