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ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst and special guest, ISIS

The Galactic Roundtable with Elizabeth Trutwin

Hungry for the Truth with the Doctor and the Detective

Next on Universal Soul Love with David and Lana Love with special guest Patrick McCormick

James Gilliland and Alexandra Meadors hook-up once again to review the current progress going on with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and The Divine Plan.
James reveals some insight on various Extraterrestrial races and experiences and leaves us in anticipation for some great news!
He also discussed the Federal Reserve, The Powers That Were, and how we have won the battle between The Dark and Light in this maniacal matrix.

Caravan to Midnight leader John B Wells brings his unique perspective to what's happening in the world around us.  James and John did deeper into how desperate "The Powers That Were" are getting and how that is showing up in the created chaos around us. 

Healer, Intuitive, Galactic Connection Blogger

James interviews Jon Rappoport, Investigative Reporter who continues to be a sane voice amongst all the false flags and scare tactics being broadcast by the mainstream media about "Ebola" .  Jon has dedicated over 30 years to getting to the truth behind the headline. James and Jon talk about the government role in population control, the accuracy of the PRC test (the World Health Organization's "go-to" test to determine if a person has Ebola) and the business of creating an epidemic.