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UFO Researcher, Former Army Comman Sergeant Major, Intelligence Field Operative, Intelligence Analyst, Speaker, Lecturer
Crop Circle Researcher, Author, Photographer, Electrical Engineer, Consultant, Speaker
UFO Researcher, MUFON Director, Editor, Abduction Researcher, Marketing Consultant
Ufologist, Director of Media Relations, Radio Journalist, Writer, News Director, College Supervisor
UFO Researcher, Author, Lecturer, Publicist, Broadcaster, ET Investigator, Writer, Columnist, Consultant
Filmmaker, Author, Writer, Producer, Director
Media Broadcaster, Pirate Radio Hall of Fame, Ufo Researcher, Moderator
Life Harship Sufferer, Pleiadian Contactee, Kundalini Experiencer
Researcher, Author, Screenwriter, Expert in Intervention Theory, Alternative Knowledge Speaker
Astronomer, Computer Science Doctorate, Venture Capitalist, Information Technology Specialist, Writer, Advisor, Author