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The Royal Priesthood Nation with Aladyah Hanon, Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL and Dr Asar Hapi

Part 1 -   Dr. Elliot Maynard, speaker at Magic and Mystery of Life and Afterlife convention! Elliot Maynard is a Global Ecologist, and Developer of Unique New Paradigms for transforming the Global Social Consciousness. He is also the author of Transforming the Global Biosphere: 12 Futuristic Strategies.

Tonight's session centered around two of Shusara's recent blog posts on The Risk of Spiritual Sunburn and Easy is Not an Option. PielleAyan asked about the apparent contradiction between the messages of each. In one the message was a warning to take your spiritual work slowly, and not pushing for more than what's needed, and in the other Shusara made it clear that you must forge ahead willingly in your work and not be complacent.

The Galactic Roundtable with Elizabeth Trutwin


Have you ever found yourself doing something you never imagined you’d be doing?  Something you could never have foreseen in your wildest imagination? That’s how Robert Kopecky felt writing this book about things no one wants to talk about, inspired by experiences he never dreamed of having.


A living room chat with Louw Venter, a local South African boer (land-owner/farmer) about all things from the nyala, eland, monkeys and bushpigs on his farm, to OBE's, to the cabal, to analyses of South African and American politics and policies, to the Sumerian texts; and much more.

Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio and special guests Christopher Caplan AKA Trickster Guru and Robert James Buchholz