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Spiritual Intuitive, Speaker, Media Personality, Spiritual Author, Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Metaphysician, Consultant, Spiritual Councellor, Speaker, Channel
Teacher, Author, Consciousness Transformation Facilitator, Special Forces Green Beret Officer, Speaker
Author, Speaker, Sound Educator, Movement Educator, Sacred Dance Artist, Motion Coach, Sound Consultant, Choreogrpaher, Vocal Ceremonialist, Recording Artist, Intuitive Channel
Sound Archivist, Documentary Producer, Audio and Video Editor, Counsellor, Photographer
Writer, Producer, Internationally Known Channeller, Speaker, Author, Trance Channel, Voice of Bashar
Educator, Mentor, Coach, Author, Speaker, Transformational Business Consultant, Humanitarian, Healer, Sportswriter, Media Relations Expert, Entrepreneur, Innovator
Law of Attraction Researcher, Teacher, Author, Dental Surgeon, Lecturer
Author, Editor, Manager of Communications, Medium
Author, Mentor and Public Speaker
Software Engineer, Humanitarian, Progenitor of Dischoops, Writer, Director, Producer