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School of Human Potential with Allen Vaysberg.

Spiritual Practitioner Lordiel is a Multi-Dimensional Advanced Energetic Being bringing Truth, Love, Light and Healing to the mind, body and soul. She channels the information, messages and healing energies needed to guide and heal you mentally, physically and Spiritually in all aspects of your life. She will share with us of the hope, strength, courage, perseverance, and trust we must have in a Higher Power.

In this more conversational session, PielleAyan & Shusara discuss the following topics: the incoming energies of destruction which are assisting in the dissolution of the inner and outer worlds, what imagination really is, how we "tune in" to the collectively held energy matrices, and a lesson in not taking life... your spiritual path... too seriously. 

The Galactic Roundtable with Beth Trutwin

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld and special guest, Max Christensen!

Esoteric Practioner, Wudan Taosism, Gaqua, Qigong, Daoyin Methods, Shamanic Student, Alchemist

In this episode off "Insight Out, the Naked Truth" we find our hero and heroine really stepping out into the unknown to see what's out there. With a rich variety of music and their usual combination of penetrating insights and silliness, the Striders probe the mystery.  Find out what they've discovered about our universe potential.

The Debut show of InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky on BBS Radio!

Reenie Panzini joins Francine to share information on the law of attraction and vision boards. There are many ways to vision board and manifesting the desired results for your Earth life!