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School of Human Potential with Allen Vaysberg. Guests tonight include Lisa Barnett and Helen Gitlevich

The process of awaking up from the "control matrix" of the mass media and corporate/governmental manipulations  is nothing less then activating our own spiritual "codes" which are embedded in our  DNA.   
The unused portions of our DNA that were previously hammered "off line" are currently reconnecting on the etheric level.   This is related to the rising level of energy on the planet and is reflected in the growing
public awareness that is beginning to question the traditional authority figures around us.

Having our feelings hurt is so common and so painful and such a source for all kinds of toxic and addictive behaviors.  You'd think we'd make it a more integral part of our educational training, but alas, we live in a society that is a little slow on the emotional uptake.

So, in our quest to probe subjects that have profound influence on our lives, this episode of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth." focuses on hurt feelings. We do a little de-construction of the issue and see if we could reveal its illusionary nature and the vapid beliefs it's founded on.

Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic with Charlotte Szivak and with Travel Guru Spotlight Peta Panos

Today's special guest, Patricia Awyan Co Director of the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism, Teacher, Lecturer, Artist and Life Counselor!

The Spring of Life Show with Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz and Benjamin Schmidt - Show #3 on BBS Radio! With special late appearance by Douglas Newsom, CEO of BBS Radio, talking about twins.

“What a Human is, the Christ Bloodline, Our Gifts, and Integrating the Higher Energies with the Lower Density Body”

Healng The Heart with Dr. Eric Love on BBS Radio - Show #3

Empathic Seer, Intuitive Guide, Claircognizant and Clairsentient

The John Martin Talk Show - show 19 - with John Martin International Visionary and Healer, on BBS Radio!