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Stephan Bodian has shifted from "mindfulness practices" to cultivating what already is, our natural state of "awakened awareness".  In his latest book, Beyond Mindfulness, we get a refreshing journey into the simplicity of our own awareness, a state which does not have to be "worked for", which is not far away, but resides in each moment and is our birthright.  This is a marvelous discussion with practical results.  His book contains simple exercises and techniques to "arrive where you already are!"  

The Royal Priesthood Nation with Aladyah Hanon, Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL and Dr Asar Hapi

Shusara opens this session with a discussion about how the physical body needs to adjust to the ascension energies. Then she spends time talking about things we are experiencing as this "reality" is dissolving. Referring to a recent Facebook posting, Shusara addresses resistance and how it functions as an indicator of truth that you have denied or repressed. Then she uses this to illustrate how the inner and outer worlds are the same and why we experience what we do in the manifested world.

The Galactic Roundtable with Elizabeth Trutwin

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld and special guests Dr. James Hurtak and Dr. Desiree Hurtak

Universal Soul Love with Dr. Lana Love and David Love

Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio

Producing Films For Progress with Guests Dragos Bratasanu and Guy Boudreaux; and Musical Guest Mystic Pete on LIFE CHANGES

Cellist, music and video producer, author, and radio host