Guest, Robert OLeary

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Robert OLeary
Robert O'Leary
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Bio Acoustic Sound Health Practitioner, Attorney,Martial arts, Editor
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RoMaYa Sound Health and Beaty 

Bio Acoustic Sond Health

BioAcoustics is the medicine of the future.

Robert O'Leary, BA (UMASS@Amherst-Class of '89), JD (WNEC School of Law-Class of '92), BioAcoustic Research Associate & Soundhealth Practitioner (BARA - Institute of BioAcoustic Biology - July, 2011), has had an abiding interest in alternative health since the early 1970's when he was inspired, by an American Lung Association commercial at school, to go home & convince his parents to quit 15 years of smoking. They did, & then the family adopted more holistic & healthy life-style choices which benefitted their lives.

Thereafter, Robert became an attorney, earned advanced martial arts belt levels [in Kajukenbo (the Emperado Method) & American Kempo under Grandmaster Kalaii Kano Griffin & some of his Instructors], became a singer/songwriter performer [releasing 3 regional CD's with his brothers, Paul & Seanunder the group name, Future Now], & his greatest & proudest achievement -becoming a Father. Robert brought this background to a new field - BioAcoustic Soundhealth [a/k/a "Vocal Profiling" & "BioAcoustic Biology"] - for which he became a practitioner in July, 2011, through Albany, OH's Institute of BioAcoustic Biology. This alternative modality, called an "Integrative Medicine " by the NIH, is relatively new to New England. It works by analyzing voice recordings in order to get information, about a client's state of health, to provide them with information & tones which will support their body's ability to self-heal & beautify. Robert is proud to have the opportunity to bring the knowledge & benefits of this modality to individuals & businesses in the New England States; through the opening of his office, RoMaYa Sound Health & Beauty, in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

Since November, 2014, Robert has been 1 of the editors and writers at Robert O'Leary & his family wish you nothing but the best in health & beauty.

Robert O'Leary will also talk about  "Ebola Project"

Whear a lot about Ebola and it's scary. Thanks goodness the Institute of Bio Acoustic Biology has launched " The Ebola Project" with FREE software available.                                                               Be a part of SOLUTION.

“The Ebola Project”