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New Realities with Alan Steinfeld and special guest guest, Laurie Gregg - inventor of Hyp Body

ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst and special guest Dr. Suzanne Lie

Paradigm Shifters interview with guest Tom Palladino

The Divine Energy with Tom Paladino and guests

Scientist, Tom Paladino, has developed a scalar energy technology that has the capacity to send energy to clients all over the world that subtly influences their body's bio-field inducing repair while simultaneously devitalizing pathogens!  See the power of scalar energy yourself in this photo of Tom hold light bulbs over the scalar field that light up without being plugged in!

Join Tom as we explore the invisible world of energy and how it can change your life!

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LARRY PAYNE - Yoga Instructor, Therapist, Author of Yoga RX and Yoga For Dummies, speaks about Yoga for the healing, the middle aged, and how his courses are tailored to specific needs and groups, making Yoga easy and accessible to all.

Alexandra Meadors discusses several pertinent topics regarding the new energies coming into 2015, sharing various messages she has been prompted to share with all of you!  Guests Shannan Marie Dunlap and Lorde Chaisse share their bit of "getting a little crazy" and why this is so important for The Ground Crew right now.

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about 'dancing to your inner drummer.'  Rather than following other's drumbeat, to create your own rhythm.  Focus inside to tune into Unified Consciousness.  In Heart Space there is no judgment, no agendas.  There is vast awareness in the stillness within.  The planet is one of diversity and dichotomy and as Consciousness we deliberately created it to play in, to experience the opposite of who we really are!