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Rev Robert Cote
Your Pitch

The Fukushima nuclear disaster has already dumped about 585 thousand tons of deadly cesium-contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean.   The environmental devastation is beyond catastrophic.  IT MUST STOP NOW!   
It can be stopped immediately by cooling the reactors with frozen co2, carbon dioxide gas, commonly known as dry ice.   This cooling method will release no, none, nada, zip, zero pollution into the environment. 


I am a visionary.  I see things before they become obvious.  I have been intensely studying human consciousness and The Nature of Reality (cosmology) since 1989.  I have trained myself to have clear, open access to my Spiritual-Self, my Soul-Self.  
In the last five years, evidence from hundreds of different sources leads to conclusions about The Nature of Reality that are mind-boggling to a person stuck in our very limited 3rd dimension consciousness.

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