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It's Tuesday night and we're doing another live show "at home with the Striders" Focusing a little on getting well (since that is what I'm doing)  As usual we'll be exploring what challenges us and what causes us to laugh at ourselves...

So, if you need a good laugh and possibly a different perspective on the human condition, tune in!

On Jan 6, 1975 Rochelle and I began cohabiting. While the word doesn't sound very romantic, in fact, it was.  We moved into a house at the end of a railroad track in Saratoga, CA.  It had a corral with a horse. And we bordered a large wooded area at the other end of which was the Paul Masson winery. We met on Dec 4 just the month previous.

Come on over and join Rochelle and I for a Christmas eve/eve gathering. We'll be actually.  It's our weekly radio broadcast of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth"--at home with the Striders. 7 PM Tuesday nights at

At Home with the Striders --Episode 3

During this show we get to f ind out just what insanity both Errol & Rochelle have to deal with on a daily basis.  The audience has the unique privelege (some might call it torture) of listening in to the absurd, sometimes outrageous dialogue...sprnkled with a few drops of wisdom culled from their 40 years (almost) oof putting up with each other.  

another evening at home with the Striders

 Please join us again for our radio show, "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" 7 PM (PST) Tuesday night at another evening at home with the Striders.