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Guest Name
Martina Hughes
Guest Occupation
Tantra Teacher
Guest Biography

Martina Hughes is the founder and creator of Tantric Blossoming. Tantric Blossoming has been actively supporting thousands of men and women to transform using heart-opening tantric practices for over ten years. 

Tantra is about self-love in action.  Tantra teaches a person to live with an open heart and authentically say yes to yourself.  Tantra is a way of learning how to use sexual energy for improved health, vitality, and well-being.  It works from the inside out!  And as your inner sexual energy increases, you can also enhance your relationships and sexual connections with others.

Martina’s journey with Tantra has been the catalyst for great transformation.  She is deeply inspired and passionate about spreading this message, so that others may benefit from the gifts of tantra. 

Martina shares heartfelt wisdom with compassion.  She understands that many of our greatest challenges are in the areas of love, sex and relationships.  Learning to live an embodied life embracing our love and sexual energy (as fuel) is the first and most important step.

Martina has a unique gift for feeling and seeing into the heart of the dynamics at play in a person’s life.   She is able to sense how to coach and support people in moving forward, creating a new and fulfilling path for them.

Martina holds a deep space of loving openness and receptivity, whilst also bringing direction and clarity.   She works to create a vulnerable and powerful balancing of the masculine and feminine gifts in working with others.

Tantric Blossoming focuses on making the practices and information shared, relevant to men and women in their everyday lives.  Martina offers sessions, workshops, retreats and training for men, women, singles and couples.  These events use a combination of breathwork, bodywork, feminine / masculine embodiment, meditation and sexual energy practices to restore inner connection in the body. 

Tantric blossoming allows each man and woman the opportunity to reveal deeper layers of their own unique essence through tantric practices. It’s full of potential for greater truth and clarity.  This approach is designed to create a life with less conditioning and a greater sense of knowing oneself from the inside out.