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Two men from different countries and cultures share a passion -- they strive to liberate men from the emotional turmoil of sexual trauma and break the silence of sexual abuse. Listen to a very moving interview with Perto Herrera, a survivor of severe sexual abuse, and Don Wright, founder of B.C. Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

Catalytic Radio 17 November 2015: "The Love You Deserve"

Got relationship?  Got unsatisfactory relationship?  Or, and please excuse the truly awful grammar that is about to follow, don't got relationship?

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld

Interview with Maria Nelson and Hans Vos about Danish Tantra

Dr. Renee Lanctot, Clinical Sexologist, discusses how you can make your sexual routines fun and exciting in your marriage/relationship while enhancing sexual intimacy with your mate.

Chat with Dr Black with Dr. La Theia Black and special guest Kym Renee Keyes

Topic: Increase awareness of disease Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer awareness month of October

This week's phrase is "You Don't Say."

Clinical Sexologist, Sex Coach and Sexual Health Educator

Chat with Dr Black with Dr. La Theia Black

"Buying and selling, supply and demand,"--capitalism's essential mantra--. "Eat me, buy me!"  Let the games continue!
So, do you know who we are?  Not just men, women, homo sapiens sapiens, not so much even home owners, traffic, have's, have not's, the aged, youth or even Democrats, Terrorists, conservatives or sports, the most pivotal thing we are is .....................Consumers, at which we excel.
"I'll buy that."